From an early age, Bridget O’Donnell was always fascinated by faces and color. From the first time she picked up a mascara wand in middle school, she has developed a passion and dedication to her craft. Her work has been featured in magazines, print ads, commercials, music videos, and on the red carpet. Bridget is currently based in Los Angeles, California and is available for international and domestic travel.


High Street MX, Snapchat, America's Next Top Model, Hard Rock Café, Corsair, Vita Liberata, Orlando Pita Play, Define Me Fragrance, and more.

Nude, Damaged, Bello, Jute, Pages, Ferrvor, Fashionista, Cake, LiveFast, Ladygunn, Monrowe, LUCY’s, and more.

Thirty One Mile Productions, Hatch Beauty, Liquid Advertising, Third Eye Magament, Mind of a Genius, ANTI Records, Warner Brother Records, and more.


*Full resume available upon request.